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The WIT suit of services can be engaged on an individual, short to medium term basis.
However, we do have a longer-term Managed Service offering, that enables benefits in the
following key areas:

  • Enhanced infrastructure performance, reliability, and security.
  • Proactive monitoring, rapid issue resolution, and 24/7 support.
  • Scalable and flexible solutions that align with your business goals.
  • Cost optimization and maximum return on investment.
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation to future-proof your infrastructure.

As your trusted ICT Consultant, we are pleased to introduce our key Managed Service offerings
designed to meet your specific needs and drive optimal performance within your technology
infrastructure. Our framework encompasses three key aspects: IT Portfolio Management, IT
Program Management, and IT SME Design and Project Support Services. This comprehensive
framework ensures strategic oversight, efficient program execution, and expert support for
your technology initiatives.

By leveraging our technology expertise within a portfolio management team, our clients
can benefit from:

  • Enhanced alignment of technology initiatives with portfolio goals and business
  • Optimized technology portfolio through rationalization, modernization, and
  • Effective technology investment evaluation, enabling informed decision-making and
    risk mitigation.
  • Robust technology governance and compliance, ensuring regulatory adherence and
    risk management.
  • Strategic technology roadmaps and planning, aligning technology initiatives with the
    bank’s long-term vision.
  • Efficient technology vendor management, driving value, and fostering strong

As a trusted technology consultant and advisor, WIT has the capability to support your
global portfolio management team in optimizing its technology portfolio and achieving
strategic objectives. Our expertise and collaborative approach will contribute to effective
portfolio management, risk mitigation, and overall success in an ever-evolving
technology landscape.

WIT Programme Management services aim to streamline and drive the
successful execution of complex technology programs. We oversee multiple
projects and coordinate resources to achieve desired outcomes. Our experienced
program managers work closely with your portfolio leadership and internal
stakeholders, establishing clear project technology goals, defining the pipelines,
generating project plans, managing risks, and ensuring effective communication
and collaboration.
By leveraging our technology consultancy expertise and offering technology
program management support to the global portfolio management team, the
bank can benefit from:

  • Strengthened technology governance and oversight within the portfolio.
  • Improved alignment between technology programs and overall business
  • Enhanced risk management and mitigation strategies for technology
  • Efficient resource utilization and optimization across technology programs.
  • Transparent communication and collaboration among stakeholders.
  • Enhanced performance measurement and reporting to drive continuous

Our IT Subject Matter Expert (SME) Design and Project Support Services are
offered to enable specialized expertise and support for your technology
operations and projects organisations.
By leveraging our IT SME service offering, clients can benefit from:

  • Access to skilled IT SME resources to fill gaps and enhance program or
    project performance.
  • Consistent and standardized stream design standards, ensuring highquality deliverables.
  • Ongoing support, management, and mentoring to optimize the
    contribution of IT SME resources.
  • Compliance with design standards, minimizing risks and ensuring efficient
  • Knowledge transfer and documentation for future reference and
    organizational growth.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation, leveraging IT SME expertise to
    drive program success.