Indonesia – Office Consolidation Project

February 23rd, 2017

Service Type:  Design Consultancy / Project Management

Client Type:  Investment Banking

Location:  Jakarta, Indonesia

Driven by their need to consolidate business units from different locations within Jakarta to a single office, the client came to WIT to provide design and project management for the implementation of their Information Transport Systems (ITS).  The standards compliant solution included Category 6 UTP cable for Work Area cabling and OM4 /OS2 for Backbone and Campus cabling respectively.

The project was delivered in three key stages over a nine month period.  Firstly, a temporary swing space was required to facilitate additional users prior to the final relocation.  Secondly, the infrastructure for the final office location was designed and installed.  Thirdly, following the user relocation, the decommissioning of the original office space.

The WIT Team used a holistic regional approach to delivering each key stage, achieving cost savings for the client through re-use of existing enclosures to establish the temporary swing space and reducing the installed port count through analysis of real utilisation levels for back office and front office Work Areas.

WIT Consulting’s region wide experience of project delivery enabled us to overcome challenges in relation to client corporate standards versus local installer quality expectations through clear communication and establishing quality guidelines at project inception.  Benchmarking of each installation element ensured a clear understanding from all parties on the level of quality required.